Rijsdijk Gallery was founded in 2015 by Mariska Rijsdijk, who was born on the Caribbean island of  Aruba and raised on Curaçao. When she was fourteen she moved to The Netherlands with her family. She studied Art History and decided in 2014 that it was about time that people learned about contemporary art of the Dutch Caribbean artists. 
The gallery presents works from artists and designers from the A-B-C islands with the intention to also present artists from te S-islands in the future.

Ailsa Anastatia (Cur)

Ailsa has studied at the Academie voor Beeldende Vorming in Tilburg and the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Amsterdam where she graduated with a MA Visual Arts and Design. She uses themes about space in her works that can be paintings, drawings and installations.

Carlos Blaaker (Sur/Cur)

Carlos attended the Academie voor Hoger Kunst-en Cultuur-onderwijs in Suriname and the Art Student's League in New York.
He then moved to Rotterdam where he worked for a few years to finally move to Curaçao where he still lives. He paints and makes sculptures.

Marianne Cats (Neth/Cur)

Marianne is an architect and artist  who lives on Curaçao with her architect husband where they run a bureau. She is interested in rundown buildings and works with mixed media.In her work she likes to incorporate small objects.

Eric Cremers (Neth/Bon)  

 Eric has studied at the Akademie voor Beeldende Vorming in Tilburg .He has worked as a teacher for 28 years and is a fulltime artist since 2011. He lives on Bonaire where he makes sculptures from found objects inspired by his many travels.                   

Justin Reinir Croes (Aua)
Justin first attended the Sint Lucas School in Boxtel in 2014 and then graduated from the St. Joost School of Art and Design in Den Bosch.
In 2022 he won the Jheronimus Atelier Prize. Justin's art is inspired by his indigenous roots and queer sensibility.

Ariadne Faries (Cur)

Ariadne has studied at the Academy in San José, Costa Rica. She was an illustrator, graphic designer and painter.
She worked with acrylic paint and her tools are usually pegs instead of brushes. Her inspiration was the spiritual 
domain. She exhibited in the U.S, Italy and the Caribbean region.

Danilo Geerman (Aua)

Danilo has attended the Kunstacademie Maastricht, and an artist-in-residency in Ontario, Canada. He has participated in workshops by Ateliers '89 on Aruba and in international exhibi-tions. His work has surrealistic connotations.


Nelson González (Ven/Aua) 

Nelson has lived and worked on Aruba. He is a multi-disciplinary artist. His work can be considered a hybrid platform that harmonizes audiovisual elements, performances and installations. He has exhibited internationally. At the moment he lives in Miami where his latest prize-winning sculpture 'Migrante' stands.

Helena Hoes (Neth/Aua)  
Helena has a background as a graphic designer.
Since 20 years she makes unique handmade ceramic objects that are inspired by the Aruban natural world. 

Cado de Lannoy  (Aua).

Cado is a photographer. His work  consists of documenting delapidated objects and transferring the blown-up detailed images on birchwood. He is also involved with the brand Tangerine, Aruban handmade bags. He has exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair in
N.Y. City and the Basement WRX Gallery Shop in Montclair, New Jersey.

Elisa Lejuez  (Aua)

Elisa has attended the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnhem where she graduated with a MA in Textile Design. She has designed for a couple of textile companies. She makes silkscreen prints and designs  silk scarfs.


Larissa Neslo (Cur)

Larissa has studied at ArtEz in Arnhem in the department of Fashion Design. After her graduation she returned to Curaçao to work as a fashion and graphic designer. Since 2015 she has been working as a visual artist. In 2023 she participated in the exhibition 'Slavery. Voices from the past' in Provinciehuis Noord-Holland.

Christian Peralta (Cur)

Christian is a selfmade multi-disciplinary artist with a background in music, poetry and audiovisual storytelling. He was active in the local art scene on Curaçao and was part of the movie Watamula by Kevin Osepa. In 2018 he enrolled in pain-
ting courses at IBB. 

Saskia Pfaeltzer (Neth)

Saskia has studied at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam in the department of sculpture and monumental painting. The island of St. Martin has been her home on and off for 15 years before she returned to The Netherlands. She has had international exhibitions and is represented in museum and corporate collections.

Elvis Tromp (Aua)

Elvis is a selfmade visual artist, who at a young age was inspired by his father who was a house painter. After high school he wanted to study art in the Netherlands but he got a job at the government which eliminated his artistic plans. He works mainly with a palette knife.

Belinda de Veer (Aua)

Belinda has studied pharmacy in the U.S.
She has also partici-
pated in workshops at Ateliers '89. She has a foundation where she opens her home for artists to exhibit. She writes poems which she incorporates in her paintings that are focused on the female. She also makes installations.

Sylvia Waterloo (Aua/Neth/Cur)

Sylvia has studied at the Art Academy in Haarlem and graduated in 2014.
Her work is about power, repression and rebellion. She works in different media.
She also works and lives parttime on Curaçao.

Carlo Wallé (Cur)

Carlo is an allround photographer who loves sharp contrasts and geometric lines.
On Curaçao he shoots street life and in The Netherlands he makes
food advertorial pictures.

Deborah de Weerd/Loretti Design (Aua)

Deborah has studied at the Maastricht Institute of Arts in the department of Textile Design. In 2002 she founded her own studio, Loretti Design.
She designs glass landscape macro photos and jewelry.

Previous exhibitions:

2017:  Opening gallery Bijlmerparktheater, A. de Komplein 240, 1102 DR Amsterdam
2017:  Lokatie Laurier, Laurierstraat 62,1016 PN Amsterdam
2017:  Podium Mozaïek, Bos en Lommerweg 191, 1055 DT Amsterdam
2018:  Tijdelijk Beheer ABN Bank, Scheldeplein 1-5, 1078 GR Amsterdam
2022:  Stadszwanen, Zwanenburgwal 20, 1011 JC Amsterdam
2022:  Lokatie Laurier, Laurierstraat 62, 1016 PN Amsterdam
2023:  Lokatie Laurier, Laurierstraat 62, 1016 PN Amsterdam

Upcoming exhibition in Studio Pfaeltzer from 6-4 until 13-4-2024, Nassaukade 126, 1052 ED Amsterdam.
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